Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

People are shocked when I tell them my husband and I do not celebrate Valentine's day. Don't get me wrong, we used to. When we were dating and before we got married. But our anniversary is 2 weeks after Valentine's day. There just doesn't seem to be much of a point. Every other couple is going out on this night and exchanging gifts. I think it's more special when it's just us. I also enjoy flowers from my husband much more when they come on a day that every other woman on the planet wasn't getting them.

So just FYI, when I say we don't celebrate Valentine's Day that is because I truly do not care to celebrate Valentine's Day. We make the Valentine's for the kids to bring to school and sometimes even get them a little something special, but the best present my husband can give me on Valentine's day is nothing. Just a hug and a kiss like any other day. I don't need anything else from him just because everyone else is doing it. We tell our kids not to follow the crowds, so I'm not following the crowds on Valentine's Day.

So this year our Valentine's day is being spent at our grand nieces 5th birthday party. Then we come home from that and are watching our friends four children so they can go out for a nice dinner on Valentine's day just the two of them. We will keep their kids overnight so they don't feel they have to rush back or anything to get them and can just have a nice relaxing evening out. We probably won't get any sleep and I know we will have a very noisy house. But you know what that is just how I want to spend my Valentine's Day. No amount of cards or flowers from my husband will improve the day.

When March 4th rolls around though and it's our anniversary, then I expect a little romance from my husband. I really truly do not need nor want it on Valentine's day though. All my idea. My husband is not in the dog house if he doesn't get me anything. And I don't get him anything in spite of saying no gifts on Valentine's Day. It's just another day to me where everyone happens to be wearing red and pink.

Happy Valentine's Day to those who do believe in celebrating the day though!