Sunday, February 7, 2010

One Week with Buster

Well, today is one week since we officially became dog owners. Things have been going very well. Buster is a very good dog. He has only had one accident. We got him checked out by the Vet on Thursday and he was very impressed at how laid back he is.

He has been getting more and more comfortable with us I think. CJ he tends to try to stay away from. Hard to do sometimes. He has growled at him a few times and nipped at him a little, but nothing major. Honestly, CJ deserves it. For the most part Buster stays by me. If I go to the bathroom or take a shower he's right there waiting outside the door for me when I come out. If I get up to go get something to eat or do something in another room he follows. When I come home he gets very excited to see me and jumps up to greet me.

He is a funny dog. He likes to dance. He gets up on his hind legs and bounces around. It's really funny to watch. Maybe he's part Jack Russel Terrier :). He loves socks. Clean or dirty he doesn't care. He picks them up and carries them around. So we have to watch to make sure all socks are out of his reach. He does pretty good on the leash. We have quite a few dogs in the neighborhood that make all sorts of noise as we walk by, but Buster just kind of looks up and then keeps on going.

He doesn't bark much. We have been surprised at his bark though. I think we were all expecting this small yappy bark out of him given his size and looks. But it's this deep raspy kind of bark. Very shocking really. He still barks when we leave him alone in his crate. We have been letting him stay out most times. But if we're going out for long periods of time then we crate him just for his own safety really.

He does seem to sleep a lot. That's been a bit of a bummer to the girls. He's not super playful. It doesn't take much for them to get him up and playing though.

He has been getting much more comfortable around here I can tell. A few times he has jumped up on the couch. He quickly gets off though. He found himself a hiding place from CJ behind the couch too. We prefer that he not go back there though so we've had to block him from getting back there. He knows the routine though. And when Joe and I get up and turn off the TV and all of the lights he heads for the bedroom. Such a quick learner. He even responds to Buster already.

He really is a very good dog and we can't understand how anyone could not have come forth to claim him. I don't think we could have asked for a better behaved dog.