Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Statue of Liberty

Our final day of our New Jersey trip was spent at Liberty State Park and touring the Statue of Liberty.

New York City Skyline from Liberty State Park

Natalie, CJ, and Kaitlyn in front of an old train car

A 911 Memorial at Liberty State Park

The boat over to Liberty Island

The old railroad terminal

Joe, CJ, and Kaitlyn on the boat

Natalie on the boat

Ellis Island (we didn't have time to tour this too)

The Statue of Liberty

Kaitlyn, Joe, CJ, and Natalie on the boat in front of the statue

The original light on the Statue of Liberty

The view from the top of the pedastool

Joe and CJ on the statue

Kaitlyn, Joe, CJ, and Natalie on the statue

Checking out the view

The statue view from the inside

Kaitlyn, CJ, me, and Natalie on the statue grounds

NYC skyline from Liberty island

The kids in front of the statue

The back of the Statue of Liberty

Kaitlyn and CJ on the boat back

Me and Natalie on the boat back

So long to the Statue of Liberty

And that is the end of our trip to New Jersey.


Carl said...

That must have been a fun trip. Thanks for all the pictures. It's kinda amazing, when you think about it. Obviously, it looks so small far away. But when you're up close, you can really tell how big it is. It's a wonderful sight of architecture, indeed.

-Carl Patten