Sunday, July 3, 2011

5 months down

Alyssa is now 5 months old. I was thinking yesterday on her 5 month birthday, as I was working feverishly to clean the house and prepare for our picnic, that a lot has changed. Not just with Alyssa either. 5 months ago on that very day we had a terrible ice storm and then yesterday we were enjoying some beautiful sunny weather and having a picnic out doors. Not that this is a huge surprise though that winter and summer are completely different. Just goes to show how much change five short months can bring though.

So here are the changes in Alyssa. She is really getting her own little personality. She seems to know who I am and is always looking to have her eyes on me when someone else is holding her. She loves each of her siblings. She loves pulling the girls hair. She smiles at CJ all the time. I think she gets a real kick out of him. She rubs the top of her head to go to sleep or calm herself down. She pulls her pacifier out of her mouth and then screams and then tries to put it back in. She babbles non stop. It really sounds like she's trying to get in on the conversations going on around her. I swear she said Kate Kate the other day. My dad thinks she said "Grandpa I love you" yesterday. She has the cutest sing songy little voice too. I love hearing her talk. When rubbing her head doesn't soothe her to sleep she'll actually talk herself to sleep. She loves rocking. When you hold her in a seated position she'll rock herself back and forth. She has excellent head control. I don't think it will be long before she's sitting unassisted. She is really trying to copy facial expressions. She loves sticking her tongue out. She still gets up once during the night to eat. She is still exclusively breast fed although I'm thinking that could change soon. She might be starting to teethe. She bites down on things much more often now. She has been a great addition to our family.

Here are some pictures from yesterday...

Alyssa with my dad caught rubbing her head trying to self soothe.

There's that tongue

Where's your belly? What a quirky little smile

Really got a good shot of her tongue in this one

She's getting a little disgusted I guess.

And that's our 5 month old baby girl on her 5 month birthday!


Erin said...

oh my gosh! Those are the cutest pics! She looks a lot like CJ! HAPPY 5 months Alyssa!