Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tales from the potty part 4

Oh how I'd love to say we are done with diapers for the boy in this house for this update. Or at least that we are completely day trained! Unfortunately, that is not for this update.

I really thought we were there. Well, not so much. However, apparently he is out of the house trained. When we go out he is great about telling us he has to use the bathroom. He can even hold it when we have to wait in line or can't find a bathroom right away.

When we are home things don't go so well. Sometimes he does good, but most of the time I swear we are taking steps backwards. As a matter of fact I was getting potty training burn out yesterday. I was going to write this update and say I'm waving the white flag. I was seriously considering taking a break.

The last few days we have mostly just been home. The weather hasn't been the greatest. Hot hot hot and then rain rain rain. So we were laying low and CJ was peeing and pooping everywhere, but in his potty that is. I put his dirty underwear in with the dirty diapers and I think the bag has filled up with more of his underwear than Alyssa's diapers. That's just sad. I am really just so puzzled by this.

Today we had a nice sunny day and we went out to enjoy the day. While we were out he told me he had to go to the bathroom. I didn't even have to remind him. I mean, I'd ask, but he'd tell me he was fine. Now at home that usually meant that shortly there after he'd be wet, but out he tells me he has to go. Is it the fact that he gets to see a new bathroom? Does he not like his potty chair? Is it more embarrassing to be wet in public? I have no idea, but yesterday he drove me crazy. He would wet, not say anything, I'd ask if he was wet, he'd tell me no even though I could see he was wet. I would tell him to go take his dirty underwear off and he'd have a temper tantrum. What, you like staying in wet underwear???

I guess I'll have to take the little victories though. I won't actually come out and say we are 100% out of the house potty trained, but he definitely does way better away from home than he does at home. Does anyone know how to transfer that into an all the time 100% being potty trained toddler? Because bribing, rewards, punishment, and making him clean his own mess hasn't been working. I think I'm out of tricks.

When I think about it the differences in the potty use out of the house is of course he doesn't have a little potty chair. He has to use the big potty. And usually that consists of holding him up so he's not really sitting down to pee. He definitely likes doing that, but I can't always help him do that at home and he hasn't gotten the whole "aim" thing. We tend to aim him in the bowl. Sigh, maybe it's time for some Cheerio target practice. He is definitely proving to be the hardest to potty train so far of all of my kids.