Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fishing, nature walks, and milestones for today

Phew, what a day! A beautiful, breezy, sunshine filled day spent with family fishing and taking nature walks. But yet the most exciting thing of the day had to be the fact that Alyssa is starting to sit unassisted. It's only for 20 seconds tops, but still she's doing it. But here are some pictures from our fishing, nature walk, and then Alyssa sitting up at the park today.

We started out with a picnic lunch at the park before we began fishing...

CJ loves fishing!

Alyssa hanging out on the blanket

Joe loves fishing too

The girls were more interested in hanging out at first and taking pictures of each other...

Then CJ caught a fish...

So Kaitlyn had to get in on the action...

Watching daddy take the hook out of the fish.

CJ took this picture.

Natalie decided it was time to catch a fish. I wonder if she could get that fish any further away from her?

Alyssa was getting a little antsy so I decided to take a walk and everyone else wanted to come along.

CJ spotted this duck on our walk

Some pretty flowers.

All four of my kids, but Alyssa was not happy.

The big kids looking at the fountain.

We spotted this tadpole in the water on a rock.

We headed back to our fishing spot and Joe took off with Kaitlyn and CJ in search of frogs...

They didn't catch any.

Meanwhile, Natalie and I stayed with Alyssa and tried to get some pictures of her sitting up...
A little wobbly.

Don't let go mom!

Okay let go mom!

Oh no I'm falling!

Finally sitting completely unassisted!

So that was our exciting day. It was very nice spending it all together. And Alyssa is 5 months and 1 week old today and is starting to sit up unassisted!