Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Fun Weekend with my Awesome Grandparents!

This weekend Natalie went with my parents to New Hampshire to see Nascar. She came home with a ton of pictures and stories of her time so I asked her to blog about it. So from here on out you are hearing from Natalie, my 12 year old!

This weekend I had a lot of fun with my grandparents.We spent most of Thursday night driving to New Hampshire.It took us about two hours to get there. We stayed at Best Western. It was a great hotel.

On Friday we stayed in the pool for most of the day. However, after I put my bathing suit on, the snap broke in half! Grandma and Grandpa thought to fix it with dental floss but they soon found out that it wouldn't work. So Grandma suggested a safety pin, but she only had tiny ones in her sewing kit. So she soon decided to just sew the bathing suit back together.

Here I am playing in the pool...

Then we went out to dinner with the moose...

The next day we went to Joey's Diner for breakfast. The food was very good. From there we headed to the New Hampshire Motor Speed Way. The track was huge and very loud! Grandpa got me some headphones so the loud noise wouldn't bother my ears. My Grandpa and I argued about who would win. Grandpa said Joey Lagano would win but I thought Kyle Busch would win. I was right, Kyle Busch won the race! It was his one hundredth win! I was very happy.

Kyle Bush's trailer

Kyle Bush warm ups

Kyle Bush getting ready for the start of the race

Kyle Bush getting interviewed

Joey Lagano's car

And Kyle Bush's big win...

On Sunday we went to Joey's Diner for breakfast again. We ate our breakfast and headed back to the hotel so we could pack our things. We then headed home. We stopped to have some watermelon and strawberries after a half hour or so. Then we were back on the road again. We stopped for an early dinner at Pickadilly. After we were done with all the good food we headed back home. When we got home I showed my family a whole bunch of pictures that I took. I had a lot of fun and I can't wait to hopefully go to New Hampshire again next year!

So that was how Natalie spent her weekend with her grandparents. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?