Monday, July 18, 2011

Mini golf and fishing, does it get any more summer?

This weekend Natalie was with my parents for the weekend. So I was back to being a parent of 3. On Saturday we took the kids mini golfing. It was packed. We had fun though. I couldn't get any pictures of us actually golfing because, well it's not easy juggling a baby, a toddler, a putter, and the scorecard let alone add picture taking on top of that. We had a good time though and we'll definitely be going back because I won a free game. The last hole where you sink your ball to never be seen again if you get a hole in one you win a free game. I've never done that before. Actually, the whole game I had no holes in one. I did it when it counted though. I doubt I'll ever do it again. It was a lucky shot. I thought it was going to bounce out the way it was bouncing around. So when it went in and the bells went off I stood there in shock. After we headed over to the ice cream shop there though for some dinner and ice cream.

CJ watching the people golf

Kaitlyn at 9 years old still really knows how to wear her ice cream. I get such a kick out of how into her food she gets.

Alyssa was just happy to be out of the Ergo at this point!

Then on Sunday we found a new fishing spot. We didn't have any luck, but it's very pretty and we took a little hike. We're heading back this week I'm sure.
CJ ready to fish.

They call this a pond! Looks like a lake to me!

Alyssa napping

Kaitlyn was sitting by the water looking hot and bored...

Do you want to go in the water? Yeah, okay take your shoes off...

Going wading...

In she goes...

Eventually she did get to a point where she was more wet than dry so we told her to just dunk herself and then get out to dry off because we had no towel or anything for her and we were going to get going soon.

CJ was getting his fishing on!

We brought the fishing stuff back to the car and did a little exploring on some of the trails and then came home. It was a nice summer day. Kaitlyn went and took a shower as soon as we got home and we started getting dinner ready and then before we knew it Natalie was back with us.