Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Boy is AMAZING!

I just have to brag about my little boy. So please don't mind me. You don't have to read if you don't want to I am just so filled with amazement over him right now I am about to cry and I had to share.

Now CJ has been through many challenges already in his short nine months of life. He started out with a traumatic c-section birth because he was breech with the cord wrapped around his neck twice. He then couldn't regulate his temp or his sugars and needed to spend time in the special care nursery. And then he was jaundice and needed to be in photo therapy for a day. And all of this just happened a few days or even minutes after birth. What a tough beginning.

And he did not stop there either. Nope, he wasn't gaining weight and we went through a long six months of trying to figure out why until I finally found a wonderful doctor who figured it was something as simple as acid reflux. So he had to stop breastfeeding (okay granted that was probably harder on me than him) and is now on special formula and was constantly being monitored for his weight.

We got that all under control though only to discover he was physically delayed. He wasn't rolling over or sitting up yet. So we got Birth to Three in and then we realized his head is slightly flat in the back. So now he's got 12-14 weeks of wearing a helmet.

But still he has been pulling through everything life has thrown at him with a smile and a lot of determination. He has taught me a lot about keeping my chin up.

But why am I gushing today? Well, his therapists were just here and my little boy blew their socks off. He's now sitting up completely unassisted. He reaches out of things and pops himself right back up. He's getting himself down onto his tummy (where he has always hated to be and still isn't fond of it) and discovering all the world has to offer him. He's pivoting himself around in a circle on his tummy. He's pushing himself backwards. He's reaching and you know what? My little boy is finally starting to roll! They have even gotten him into a kneeling position today and he stayed like that for a good five minutes. It was just AMAZING! It's not going to be long before he's crawling and I'm going crazy trying to find a new place for everything. But it's AMAZING! He is AMAZING! I am in awe of him. I'm one proud mama. And now he sleeps. He worked hard impressing all us ladies today. He deserves a nap.

But here he is playing after he got up from his nap. I couldn't get him to roll over, but you'll get the idea of why I'm so AMAZED with him.

Note: this was written on Monday, but I didn't get the video uploaded until Tuesday.


annie kelleher said...

what great pictures and what a great video!so glad to see your little one is doing so well! baby jake was a bit slow to crawl but he is really getting around now :)!

BookMomma said...

Gorgeous boy and great video! Congratulations to CJ for his hard work! Whoo-hoo!

Jenny said...

That is just wonderful! Go CJ!

Mamasphere said...

It's true- what an amazing little boy you have!