Friday, August 15, 2008

Spencer Jumps

Remember Spencer? He's doing great! The glasses have been helping his eye. It's not as turned in any longer. But that's not really the reason I'm talking about Spencer today. I wanted to share a different sort of triumph about him. Spencer is a very cautious little boy. He likes simple and quiet not hard and fast. He knows what he wants to do and he tends to not push himself to do more. Swimming is one of those things that he is very cautious about. He's been in the Parent/Child class for some time now, but this time they told him he could move up to Level 1. So he did move up to Level 1 even though he wasn't sure he wanted to be in the pool without mom. Spencer does not like to get his face wet. Therefore jumping into the pool is not really for him. However, he's been doing it. We are all so proud of him. So here he is jumping in the pool...

Now we've just gotta convince him to jump off the diving board. He says, "No no no!" He's still got time. Kaitlyn is six and has just begun jumping off the diving board. So I told Spencer maybe when you're six like Kaitlyn. His response, "Kaitlyn's six?" Hahahahaha, yes Spencer the woman you are going to marry is a year and a half older than you.