Friday, August 15, 2008

A Rash and a Tooth or Two; Oh My

A little good news bad news with CJ. I'll start with the bad news. Tuesday night we noticed his head looked like this when we took off his DOC Band to change him. So we kept the band off for the night in hopes that it would go away. It didn't so I called Cranial Tech in the morning. They said it sounds like it's from the heat so I'm to put hydrocortisone cream on it and take the band off every three hours to wipe the sweat. So I did that under the impression that by the night it would look lots better. It did not nor did it look better the next day. So I called Cranial Tech again. They took a while to get back to me so I ended up calling his pediatrician too. Cranial Tech did get back to me first about it and they said to take the band off and don't put it back on until the rash goes away. Once it has gone away then I am to put the hydrocortosone cream on that spot to head off any further rash. A little while later his pediatrician called back and said to put Aquaphor on it and cover it with a non stick pad and then put the band back on. Okay, so I'm now using Aquaphor to get rid of the rash and once it's gone I will continue to use the Aquaphor with the non stick pad to keep his head from getting this rash again. Poor little guy. It doesn't seem to bother him too much though which is always a good sign.

Now for the good news. CJ finally got his 1st tooth. It took 9 1/2 months, but yesterday I felt it in there. And my boy he can't do anything small so there's not one, but there's actually two teeth in there. They are both on the bottom front right next to each other. Joe managed to get a peek at them last night to in fact see there are two in there, but I haven't actually seen them yet. Little bugger keeps putting his tongue in the way. Oh well, I'll see them eventually.


Anonymous said...

Aquaphor works wodners! My kids have all suffered from exzcema and skin rashes and it's what I use all the time. So much so that I should take out some stock in the company! LOL

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

McMommy said...

Oh poor CJ! That rash doesn't look fun, but at least you said it really doesn't seem to be bothering him. Whenever my kids get a rash, I've got this miracle cream called "Sudocrem" that I use. I have to buy it online from England, but a jar lasts me a year. Such amazing cream!!

And hooray for the 1st chomper!! :)