Friday, December 12, 2008

Remembering Celeste Alia

Tonight we had Celeste's memorial service. It was beautiful. The Reverend Audrey Murdock of St. John's Episcopal church performed the service. She gave a beautiful Homily about how difficult it is to loose someone so young. How our faith is tested when someone this young passes without even a chance for her life to begin. Her words were so touching. She blessed Celeste's ashes.

We had a nice turn out of friends and family. Thank you all for coming to remember our beautiful Angel.

We received a wind chime in the mail today which I had ordered earlier in the week. I did not anticipate receiving it until Christmas Eve. I was so excited that it came when it did. In with the wind chime was a poem that was so beautiful and fitting. We brought that with us to put by her ashes in the church. Here's what it said:

When I left this world without you
I know it made you blue.
Your tears fell so freely,
I watched; I know this is true.

While you were weeping,
Days after I passed away-
While all was silent within me,
I saw you kneel to pray.

From this wonderful place called heaven
Where all my pain is gone,
I send a gentle breeze to whisper,
"My loved ones, please go on"

The peace that I have found here
Goes far beyond compare
No rain, no clouds, no suffering-
Just LOVE from everywhere.

You need not be troubled
Just stay close to GOD in prayer
Someday we'll be reunited
My love, HIS love surrounds you always,


Erin said...

rest in peace sweet girl