Saturday, October 30, 2010

CJ's 3rd Birthday party

CJ will be turning 3 in just 2 days. So today we had a Handy Manny birthday party for him. Turning 3 is fun because they start to get the idea that these things are for them. And as the day wore on and we got closer and closer to party time the excitement was just building. The decorations went up and he declared, "For me!" The presents were put on the table and he declared, "Presents, for me!" The finishing touches put on the cake and he declared, "My cake!" Then he'd walk around the house saying, "Happy Birthday for me!" Just so cute watching the excitement build. Here's a little peek at his special day...

This was a dump truck made as a bean bag toss, but as we were finishing it he got behind it and looked through the window like this:and I just had to snap a picture. And let me tell you the bean bag toss was a huge hit so this is something I will likely be trying again.

None of my parties are ever complete without some sort of variation on Pin the tail on the donkey. This time it was pin the glove on Handy Manny

Every little boy wants his very own excavator. And what could be better than an excavator cake?

Time to sing happy birthday and blow out the candles.

And CJ actually got two cakes for his birthday. I had asked my mom if she would want to make the cake, but I was kind of late in asking her. The excavator cake said it only fed 8 and I was worried it wouldn't be enough so my mom offered to make a second cake in chocolate instead. Well, I'm not passing up chocolate cake from my mom even if it is CJ's birthday and he doesn't like chocolate cake. So my mom made this cute cake with Pat from Handy Manny on it. So now you all know where I get my baking talents from. Although, my mom is much better at actually decorating than I am.

Pin the glove on Handy Manny was lots of fun.Natalie won, but the jury is still out on whether or not she actually cheated. There apparently was some practicing before hand on her part. And Kaitlyn's is way up there on the door. We all got a good laugh at her attempt.

CJ had a glove on his head. Silly boy.

It was a really fun day and CJ got lots of very nice presents which he has been enjoying tonight. I'm glad so many friends and family got to come and share the day with us. Those who couldn't make it were missed. Only a little over a day left of CJ being 2!