Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

It has been a long tiring, but good day. We went and picked up a few things at the store and then went on a small nature hike at the park with the kids. CJ needed some fall items for school next week so we took advantage of the nice weather and everyone being home and did that. That was lots of fun. Then we came home for lunch and decorated our little pumpkins. CJ got a kick out of coloring on the pumpkins with markers. I really wasn't sure what was so funny, but he sure was enjoying it. Then he went down for a nap with some fight and we carved pumpkins with the girls. This was the first year Natalie did her pumpkin by herself. She did a really nice job on her pumpkin. Kaitlyn designed hers and I recreated it for her and Joe did CJ's. Then we relaxed for a few hours before it was time for dinner and then got ready for trick or treating. This was our first year in our new neighborhood so we weren't too sure what to expect. The kids made out great! Collectively they have 15 pounds of candy. I envision a lot of this getting thrown out. We were all very tired when we got back to the house shortly after 8. I sent the girls to shower while we inspected the candy to make sure it was safe. Cleaned CJ all up and got him ready for bed and sent everyone to bed. Well, after each got a sample of some of their candy. They should all sleep good tonight though.

Here are some pictures from our evening. I forgot my camera for our nature walk.

3 pumpkins (left to right Kaitlyn's, CJ's, and Natalie's)

My 3 trick or treaters. A witch, a puppy, and a hippie

Bark bark says the puppy

I'll get you my pretty says the witch

Peace says the hippie

CJ had a blast this year trick or treating by the way. He was so funny. Even said trick or treat when people opened the door and thank you for the candy. Then he'd bark for them by saying bark bark just like that. At one point he started randomly telling people about the fireworks that we had heard and how they scared him. He was quite the little chatter box tonight and everyone was getting such a kick out of him.