Friday, October 8, 2010

Watching My Boy

Today I was out and about and had some time to kill. I didn't want to drive home only to have to go back out to pick CJ up from school so I headed to the school very early to pick him up. I was prepared with some word searches and paper and pen to work on plans for CJ's birthday party. It was nice to just sit in the quiet car without looking around at the many tasks I must accomplish at home.

Shortly before CJ's dismissal the children had come out to play so I sat and watched what my little man does when he thinks I am not around. I watched him just stand there while other children ran all around the playground. Then two boys came up to him with a ball and started playing catch with him. They were cheering him on too and giving him hugs. I couldn't help but tear up sitting there watching these children interact with my son in that way.

CJ spent the rest of the time just running around with these boys and seemingly having a blast. Then they lined up for dismissal and I went over to get him and he came running right up to me. CJ is the smallest in his class. It really would be very easy for him to get pushed around. And I know that it does happen, but I also love this age and how it doesn't matter what your skill level or what your differences are. Kids this age just don't care. They will take you under their wing and play with you. I know it won't always be like this, but I do hope that CJ can always find and make a few good friends who will be there and look out for him. And I will happily watch from a distance as he figures things out, but always be there for him when things don't go as well as they did for him today. Sure would be nice though if we all could have the innocence of a 3 year old. I know some grown ups who could have taken a lesson or two from these children on the playground today.


Farm Fresh Jessica said...

Kids school us all the time don't they? :-)