Thursday, October 14, 2010

So much for Customer Loyalty

I have been using Dish Network for the past 3 plus years for my television needs. I have been a loyal customer paying my bill ever single month without problem. Recently I've been looking for ways to cut back on some of our monthly bills. One of the bills I wanted to cut was our TV, phone, and internet. So I called up Direct TV to get a bundled package. After much discussion I found one that would give me some $80 a month savings in that area. But being the loyal Dish customer that I am I decided to give them a chance to offer me the same or better. So I called them and was told they have no bundle packages in my area. All they could offer me was $10 off of my bill a month. Well, that certainly isn't enough savings there and I was very aggravated that a customer who is telling them that they are going to leave to go with a company that can offer them two receivers for less than that plus phone and internet, but they still can't give me anything better. That's just really quite sad. Has me wondering what ever happened to giving the customer what they wanted? What ever happened to showing a little customer appreciation. And on top of all of this I would also have to pay a $15 installation fee in order for them to give me an upgraded box. Just does not seem much like they are trying to keep their customers. Sure they can offer new customers some great discounted package, but existing customers have to pay more. This just does not seem right. And because of that Dish Network it appears that you have lost a customer to Direct TV. I hope you're happy!