Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Visit from the Firehouse

October is Fire Safety month. So of course every young child must have a visit to the firehouse or a visit from the firehouse to learn about fire safety. CJ's class was no different. Because they are 3 year old all of their "field trips" come to them. It's just easier on busing because of car seat laws and all of that. So the local fire department came to CJ's school yesterday to talk to the children. Now having participated in similar field trips with my children numerous times over the years I knew part of the demonstration was going to be one of the firemen putting all of his gear on to show the children what he would look like if he came to your house in a fire. So they would be prepared and not afraid. I wasn't too sure how CJ would take that. I also wasn't sure if they would sound their sirens on the truck at all because for whatever reason while CJ is all boy and loves all things with wheels and engines he generally cries when he hears a firetruck siren. So I asked his teacher if I could come that day just in case. She welcomed the extra help in the classroom of course.

CJ was so excited that I was there. So the firetruck showed up and all of the children sat on the curb listening intently to what the firemen had to say

They discussed all things fire safety. Don't touch matches or the stove. Call 911 if there's an emergency. Don't try to put out a fire. How you get out of your house if you're sleeping and there is a fire. And all of that very important information. Now of course CJ is still in a crib. He has never attempted to get out of his crib before so I doubt he would in a fire. He sat their listening to the whole thing though. And then the fireman put his gear on.

I thought for sure there would be tears. And there were by three other children in the class, but not by CJ. He sat there just like this:

I wonder how he would have been if the fireman came closer to him or he had to touch him though. Hmmm. After they did stop, drop, and roll. They had the 4 year old class, some kindergarten and 1st graders out there too though so they only took a few volunteers. None from the 3 year old class though. That's okay, not too sure that too many of them would have wanted to do that. Then the kids got to line up to take a turn looking inside the truck.

The 3 years olds on their rope. Not all of the kids wanted to go on the truck, but CJ sure did. His teacher had to warn the fireman about how light CJ is. I guess in comparison to the rest of the kids in the class he's a feather and she worried he'd get tossed 50 feet in the air. CJ proudly climbed up there and sat in the seat and looked out the window...

And that was the end of the visit from the firehouse. I left and came back and CJ told me all about the firetruck as if I hadn't been there and seen the whole thing. He informed his sisters at dinner last night that there were tools on the truck. Ahhh, that must have been the absolute highlight of the entire thing. The boy sure does love his tools.