Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pumpkin Festival

Today the city hosted a pumpkin festival. They've done this before, but we've never gone. A week or so ago CJ had come home from school with a flyer looking for pumpkin carvers. We thought that sounded like fun so we'd enter a pumpkin in CJ's name for his school. So that's what we did. We decided we mine as well enjoy all of the other free events from the day too. So after Joe got home from work we put the kids costumes on and headed to the pumpkin drop off with our carved pumpkin and then walked around and went over to the library for story, crafts, and refreshments. Then it was time to line up for the costume parade which brought us back to where the pumpkins were. We were cold and in need of food at that point and there was still a while until the judging and lighting of the pumpkins so we headed home for dinner. Then went back to see CJ's pumpkin lit. He did not win any prizes for it, but we heard lots of good feedback about it and of course CJ loved it so that's all that matters. But here was our afternoon/evening at the Pumpkin Festival...

This is CJ's pumpkin before we brought it to the festival

CJ met Mickey Mouse

A hippie and a witch

A puppy and a witch

A hippie

During our parade walk an old man stepped out into the road, pointed at Natalie, and said, "I used to date the girl!" I didn't know if I should go off on him for making a comment like that about an 11 year old girl or laugh it off. I chose to laugh it off, but still couldn't believe that he would say that about a child.

Walking in the parade

CJ's pumpkin with all the others

CJ's pumpkin all lit

CJ with his Mickey Mouse pumpkin

It was a fun event and we are already talking about what to enter for next years pumpkin judging.


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