Friday, November 12, 2010

Baby K'tan Baby Carrier

Since I found out I was pregnant one of my concerns has been do we get a baby stroller or not? Do we do a double stroller or not? You see CJ still likes to be carried a lot or pushed in the stroller. So while he's 3 and capable of walking if we go places where lots of walking is required we like to have the stroller. However, I don't want the back of the van taken up by two strollers. And most double strollers are pretty bulky. So I started thinking perhaps rather than investing in a large bulky baby stroller (double or not) that maybe a baby carrier of sorts would be better.

I was thinking maybe a sling this time. However, Joe didn't really like that idea. But in my search for something I came across this cross between a sling and a carrier. The carriers are tough because they are usually bulky and hard to get on and put baby in, but slings just seemed easier. But then there are the safety concerns with slings. Although, as with anything if you don't use it correctly you will have problems.

So I saw this Baby K'tan Baby Carrier and I liked it because it's good for babies up to 40 pounds. It also can carry the baby in 8 different positions which is great because then we can figure out which position the baby is most comfortable in. Most of the reviews I have read are positive. I'm concerned about the sizes it comes in though. I wonder if we'll need a different one for Joe and a different one for me to carry the baby in because it doesn't adjust to fit the person carrying the baby. Also, how do you know what's the right size to get when you're pregnant? I can't really try it on and get a good idea now if it's going to fit. I would love to hear some of my readers preferences in slings and baby carriers though. Even if it's not about the Baby K'tan Baby Carrier. What was your favorite? Why do you prefer it? Does your husband like it too? Have you had experience with the Baby K'tan? What are your thoughts, good or bad on it? If I'm going to spend $55 on it then I want to make sure we're going to use it. I've never been a baby wearer before, but with four kids and a very busy schedule wearing baby might just be the easiest way to go this time around.


The Elwood Family said...

I'd skip the K'tan and get the ERGO. It is more expensive, but it is much better quality. We have 2 in our house, one for each of us, and still use it and it has a ton of different carries also.