Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Farm Adventures with Grandma and Grandpa

On Saturday Grandma and Grandpa came over and took CJ and Natalie out for a farm adventure. They got to see a bunch of animals and feed them. They were going to do a pony ride, but I guess it was too cold for the ponies. Judging by the over 100 pictures they came back with though I don't think that dampened their spirits at all.

Grandpa and CJ at the farm

Oooh a kitty

Hi horsie!

Time to feed the Donkeys. CJ needed a little help to not get his fingers nibbled on.

CJ made a friend. Apparently he named this guy Buddy.

Feeding some more animals

CJ chatting it up with "Buddy" again

CJ figuring out how to fix the old wagon

Back to feeding the animals.

CJ was trying to feed the birds. They wouldn't stay still like the rest of the animals though.

Petting the kitty

Feeding the horse

What does that say?

Got my shades on and now it's time to go

I think CJ had a really great time, but he sure was tired when he got home. I do believe he was out before his head even hit the pillow Saturday night.