Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank a Veteran Day

While you are excited for the day off from work or school today don't forget why you have today off. Be sure to thank a Veteran today if you can. Because without them the freedoms and liberties that we take for granted on a daily basis we would not have.

So thank you to my Dad, who served in the army, Joe's dad who fought in Korea, Joe's brothers, and my grandfather who is pictured below.

And lets not forget to thank the families of these brave men and women who are protecting and serving us. They are the unsung veterans who are left behind to keep things going on the home front while their husband, wife, son, or daughter are serving their country. So thank you also for sharing your loved ones like that. I'd especially like to thank my military wife friends Erin, Renee, Angie, and Michele.