Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ornament Swap

Ornament Swap Sign Up

I am joining "The Mrs." in an ornament swap this year. I thought boy does this sound like fun. Because lets face it when the ornaments come out every year the reminiscing of Christmas' past begins. For instance, I have this bell ornament from a friend in college. It's very special. It is from his country (India) so it's very unique and something no one I know has on their tree. Makes me think of him every year. Then there are the ones from my childhood and of course the ones my kids have made and the ones from their first Christmas. Great memories. Great stories to be told. What a great way to get a unique and special ornament. And knowing my kids they are going to love recreating a wonderful new ornament for someone else this holiday season. So go check it out. The rules are simple. Just get an ornament to your partner no later than December 15th. You cannot spend anymore than $10 on the ornament. Less is fine though. Have fun with this. Maybe you'll get an ornament from another country!