Sunday, November 14, 2010

Broken? Hairline Fracture? Contusion? Who Knows?

While we all enjoyed our day of play yesterday it was not without some drama. There was a point in time where Kaitlyn was running, she dropped to the ground, and her fingers were stepped on. She was in a lot of pain initially, but I didn't think too much of it. While it swelled up pretty quickly she was able to move it. So we continued our day and she even continued to play and roll down the hill. I noticed though that she was holding her hand kind of funny and she was still in a lot of discomfort as the day wore on. She had a hard time eating dinner and holding her fork even. So I decided to take a closer look at it. It was still very swollen and bruised and she was still in a little of discomfort when it was touched or moved. So Joe ended up taking her to the ER last night. She was all excited to have xrays and had to call me when they were done. Sounds like the doctor didn't do too much hands on exam of her though. Just looked at the xray and said he didn't see a break, but there could be a hairline fracture and the radiologist would look at it in the morning and call if there's a problem. In the meantime they were going to splint it and if after a few days it wasn't any better come back for more xrays. So Joe had called me and told me this and I was thinking the two effected fingers would have a splint and tape on them. When she walked in the door her entire hand and half of her arm was wrapped up like this...
The official hospital paperwork says it's a contusion, but we should check with her doctor. She just happens to have her physical scheduled for tomorrow though so it kind of works out. We are to ice 4 times a day though and keep it elevated. We did take the splint off for a little while today and she says it feels a little better. It still looks very swollen to me, but Joe thinks it's better than it was last night. So we still aren't entirely sure if there's any break there. It's on her right hand and she's right handed so she'll get out of writing in school tomorrow I guess. And I'm hoping the doctor will have more answers for us tomorrow. She's being a trooper though. Refused pain meds at the hospital. She's a tough kid. Hoping for a quick recovery here.