Monday, November 29, 2010

Monica's Musings #10

Time for another one of my musings. I have a lot of little things to say, but nothing really hugely related to make one big post. So here's a mosh posh of my thoughts.

*I do not know why, but ever since CJ's birthday if you ask him how old he is he'll tell you he's 40. I always tell him he looks good for 40. He refuses to say he's 3. Doesn't matter who asks him either. He will tell anyone that he's 40. Recently we began asking him how old everyone else is too though. And well apparently everyone is 40. So those of you who are older than 40 would surely love CJ's answer. For those of us who haven't reached 40 yet well we aren't liking this answer much.

*I was recently looking on the Board of Education website and noticed their mission statement for their Food Services is to: “Provide students with healthy, nutritious and appealing foods in a timely manner and in a pleasant environment every day”.

Now what they actually serve children is every Monday they can get chicken nuggets or something else equally full of fat, Tuesday they can get a long dog or something else equally full of fat, Wednesday they can get a cheeseburger or something else equally full of fat, Thursday is a chicken patty or something else equally full of fat, and Friday is either cheese pizza or pepperoni pizza (they switch off every week) or something else equally full of fat. So it sure does lead me to wonder where are those healthy nutritious foods. I was speaking to the pediatrician about it because there is some concern about Kaitlyn's weight and she thinks I can get the menu changed. Hmmm, not sure how to go about doing that actually. I have emailed the Board of Ed about this, but haven't heard back yet. I'm thinking of setting up a meeting with the principal.

*Our health insurance won't pay for a 2nd inhaler for Kaitlyn to have at school. Well, they will, but I have to wait until tomorrow to pick it up. Thankfully it's not longer and I'm concerned about what will happen if I ever have to refill both prescriptions in the same month. I could end up without an inhaler somewhere. She has to have one that stays at school and I can't send it in with her or anything. So she has been without her inhaler at school until I can pick this one up. I'm relieved she doesn't have severe asthma.

*I failed my one hour glucose test. The doctor told me I needed to go for the 3 hour. I asked if I could skip that and she said if I prick my finger 4 times a day. Shockingly I opted for that. I've been through this before so I know what to do. I have to send her my results from the next week so she can decide how she wants to proceed. I'm thinking like last time it will just be to avoid really sugary foods.

*Kaitlyn has lost 2 art smocks now since the beginning of the year. I'm getting really frustrated with this. You see, she has never lost a smock before. Now I'm not naive to think that she's not one to lose or misplace things. She does it all the time here. However, to lose 2 smocks in a matter of months has me wondering. You see she has to share her locker at school with another student in class. I am concerned that maybe by accident this other child is taking it. I emailed her teacher today who assures me her locker buddy is a sweet boy. They checked lost and found and all of the lockers today, but it has not been found. They are going to check the art room tomorrow, but honestly I'm thinking her locker buddy got ahold of them and brought them home.

*Most of our Christmas decorations are up. We ended up rearranging our living room to put up the tree. We didn't have to, but you know I think I like it the new way.

*I got my ornament exchange partner. I'm so excited to get started on ornaments. Not sure what to make yet, but we'll find something fun for the kids to do.