Sunday, May 15, 2011

Birthday month comes to an end

The month of April turned out to be extra long this year. The birthday celebrations finally came to an end yesterday. We went to my parent's house so they could celebrate the girls birthdays with a little party, some presents, and some cake. The weather wasn't looking too great, but the rain did hold out so they could spend a good portion of the afternoon playing in the yard at my parents house.

When we got there everyone was ready for lunch, including Alyssa. So while I fed Alyssa my mom got the rest of the kids fed and made something for the adults too. We ate lunch.

Alyssa hanging out after she had a full belly

Chilling with Grandpa while he plays on the computer

So after everyone had something to eat we went outside to play. Kaitlyn begrudgedly rode her bike. She did not want to do it. Natalie sped up and down the driveway and through the back yard. CJ went on his bike. And then we played some games. What is a birthday party without a game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Kaitlyn went first and she got it pretty close

Natalie was next...
She was all over the place
She finally got it on there and pretty close too

CJ didn't want to play so I took a turn with Alyssa.
Alyssa didn't help out much with direction

Not even on the game board

After some measuring it was determined that Natalie and Kaitlyn had tied. We played outside a little longer and saw this crane in the pond at the house behind my parents across the river...

CJ spotted it. My parents refer to him as Fraiser. I guess he's been coming around for a few years now.

After that we started cleaning up to go inside and open presents. Kaitlyn got things going...

Oooh a Game Boy

Hmmm, what games do I have?

Then Natalie started opening her presents...
A joke book!

A game for her DS

What else?

Mario Kart for DS!

Oooh a pretty necklace

and matching earrings.

Kaitlyn had one more gift to open
Her big pack of paper, the only thing she wanted for her birthday from Grandma and Grandpa!

The kids played with their new toys...

We hung out while dinner cooked...

We ate dinner and then had cake. The candle was a very old candle which once upon a time sang happy birthday, but now it just sounded like someone trying to get on dial up internet. The girls weren't too impressed while all the adults were getting a kick out of the weird sounds the candle was making. I think they just wanted to eat that cake...

After cake and some searching for some old pictures to show the girls our trip to Disney when Uncle Dan was getting his head rubbed by Goofy we decided to call it a night. The toys were cleaned up and we were on our way home. And now the girls birthdays are officially over!