Thursday, May 12, 2011

CJ shows appreciation to his teachers

This week CJ's school has asked that the kids show their appreciation to their teachers in many different ways. Monday they asked the kids to wear their teacher's favorite color and/or sports team. CJ has two teachers. While they had favorite colors like pink and purple (colors I would not put on my son) one of his teachers also said blue was a favorite. Perfect! Even more perfect? The other teacher;s favorite sports team is the Mets. Just so happens to be my favorite too and I also have a hat which CJ borrowed for the day. His teacher was so excited to see him wearing that hat on Monday.

Tuesday they were to write a letter of thanks. I had CJ draw a picture of what he liked to do with them. For one of his teachers it was writing letters and the other was singing songs.

Wednesday was a raffle for the teachers. Nothing for him to really do.

Thursday was bring in a school supply from the teacher's wish list. So today CJ brought in some glue sticks, which were greatly appreciated.

Friday is a special teacher luncheon. I can't help out with that at all because CJ will be out of school by the time they need volunteers and I have Alyssa. Hopefully CJ's teachers are able to enjoy a nice lunch.