Friday, May 13, 2011

A picnic date with CJ

I tried to post this yesterday, but Blogger was down. Now it's back up so I can share my date with CJ. The weather yesterday was beautiful here in CT. I had asked CJ in the morning if he wanted to go have a picnic at the park and he said yes, he wanted to see the duckies. So I asked him what he'd like for lunch and he told me jelly peanut butter and then I brought him to school. When I went to pick him up he was so excited to see me. He came running over to see me and said, "We go Burger King?"

I said, "No, we're having a picnic, remember?"

He replied back, "Duckies!"

I said, "Yes, we'll see the duckies."

We got in the car and he was backseat driver telling me to go around cars and whatever we could to get to the park as quickly as possible. And when we got there and he saw the duckies he was ecstatic. The ducks didn't really come near us and we ate our lunch and he watched the ducks. Then he ran around a little. I managed to get this shot of him and me together...

I think he was looking at the ducks.

And we were looking in the pond and saw some gold fish which he wanted me to get a picture of.

We had a very nice afternoon together even if Alyssa had to be there too. CJ didn't seem to mind too much. I love our little dates. When Natalie found out that we had another date she informed us that we were getting serious. She's so silly. Seriously though I look forward to these dates I have with CJ.