Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The latest acceptance to AVID

After filling out an application, having an interview, and watching a bunch of her classmates get accepted into AVID Natalie finally got the word today that she too got in. That means next year she will be on the Blue team in school. That means the skies the limit for her in her future. That means she will spend the rest of her time through high school getting all of the best she can get out of her education. She will get to visit colleges. She will get advanced placement classes. She will get challenged. She will be required to have a well rounded school career. Just another step towards getting into college.

I'm proud of the latest AVID student, but I'm also very frustrated with her. I'm hopeful that AVID is going to help her get a little more organized and maintain much more consistent grades. While she came home today with this wonderful news she also came home today with a 55 on a math test. She lost the test which she needs to have signed because of the grade. Seems that spring fever is really getting to her. Hopefully AVID will help keep her on track.