Monday, May 2, 2011

Monica's Musings #15

A whole lot to say about a whole lot and just want to get it all out in one post...

*Natalie has been invited to join the AVID program at school next year. This is a program for college minded students. It helps them learn the skills needed to be successful in college. We got to learn all about it today and Natalie is very excited to apply for this opportunity. I didn't even have to talk her into it. They only take 25 students and there were about 50 or so who were invited to do it. So keep your fingers crossed for my girl. I personally think she is a shoe in. This is a perfect opportunity for her. She has already been showing that she is a well rounded student with her being in chorus and in the Kids in the Middle program as well as an after school literacy magazine club. Something that AVID really encourages because colleges of course want to see more than just grades. So I can't see any reason they'd have to not accept her.

*On the flip side of things when it comes to my children it appears that CJ's gross motor skills might be sliding back again. At his parent/teacher conference last month I had discussed my concerns with his physical limits. He has a hard time going up and down stairs and climbing things and while I think it's so stinkin' cute when he runs, it just doesn't seem on par with his peers. Now granted he's a peanut and also younger than everyone in his class, but still. He needed help for it once before so it stands to reason that it's possible he could need help again. So I signed the paperwork a month ago to have him looked at. The PT came in and agreed that there was some cause for concern so she wants to move forward with a full evaluation from the special ed team. This should all happen pretty quickly because they only have until the end of the school year to finish this which is about mid June for CJ. They'll need to do a PPT (Planning and Placement Team) meeting with me too. So I imagine the evaluation should happen within the next week or two. What does this mean? Well, if they determine that he is behind in any area then it means his chances of getting into preschool go up that much more (since they take the children with the greatest needs first). He should still be in a regular preschool class and not have to go to one of the special ed peers preschool classes and just get pull out help in the school. So just jumping on these problems as soon as possible to get them corrected.

*Alyssa is 3 months old today. She is not looking like a newborn anymore these days. I swear she is growing like a weed too. Gotta wait another month to find out just how much she has grown, but she is doing great.

*Well, I've talked about the other three kids so I suppose I should mention Kaitlyn. Really, there's not much to say about her. She's loving school and doing well this year. She has adjusted great to her new school.

*You know you find out pretty quickly who a real friend is. Like when someone who you used to hang out with all of the time, but haven't seen or talked to much recently, sees you in the store, looks right at you, and walks away without so much as a wave. Yeah, what's that all about?

*We have a busy weekend ahead. Try #2 at Natalie's birthday party Friday night. Hopefully no one gets sick. Then Saturday we are going to meet up with my cousin and her husband to take the kids to one of those jumpy places. A sort of birthday present from my cousin to the girls. And Sunday is Mother's Day. I have no idea what we're doing yet. Other than hopefully my parents are coming up sometime that day and we'll go out to dinner. My parents just aren't too sure yet I guess what they want to do. And I have no idea where we should go for dinner.

Well, there's more I could probably say, but I won't bore you anymore.