Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Monica's Musings #16

Things are coming to an end for the school year and there's lots going on around here.

Kaitlyn had a field trip to see Charolette's Web last week which she enjoyed and then two more field trips coming up in the next two weeks. One of them is to a local baseball game.

Natalie had a field trip to the Bronx Zoo yesterday. She had a lot of fun even though the weather wasn't the greatest. It didn't end so well for her as she got sick on the bus. So embarrassing.

As a matter of fact both of the girls were throwing up last night and are home today. That has thrown a monkey wrench into my plans for the day. I'm nothing if not flexible though, lol.

CJ has VIP day today. He got to choose someone to come to school as his VIP today. I asked him for days who he wanted and he kept requesting Daddy so daddy made sure to get the day off to go to that. CJ got to show him his classroom and eat snack with him.

Alyssa has been sleeping longer clips at night. I don't consider it sleeping through the night yet, but she has been going six hours at night.

She's quite the chatty Kathy these days too. Always making little cooing noises. It's very sweet.

Well, I guess that's enough randomness. Be sure to check back though, I'm working on a post all about Kaitlyn.