Tuesday, August 2, 2011

CJ-isms #2

Wow, I haven't done one of these in a really long time. CJ still cracks us up with the things he says and does. And three is a really interesting age. I think in some ways it might actually be more terrible than the terrible twos. I wouldn't want to go back though because even when he's at his worst his best is just so great these days. He has some really funny reactions to things. So here are a few of his latest antics...

*If I tell him to do something and he really doesn't feel like doing it, if he doesn't throw a temper tantrum, then he gets up and storms out of the room and will say something like, "Fine, I go to bed!" Okay, well while I really would like for him to pick up his toys I don't think I can argue with him going to bed. It's not really a punishment for me and I'm not sure why he thinks it is.

*He gets really fed up when I ask him questions sometimes. I ask him a lot of stuff. What's your name? Where do you live? How old are you? You know important information I like to quiz him on from time to time in case he needs it. If he doesn't feel like talking to me though if I keep pushing he'll turn his head in the air, cross his arms over his chest, and say, "I not talking you!" with as much attitude as he can possibly muster.

*One day Natalie was cleaning her room and she had told CJ to get out. He was really hurt by this and told her, "You broke my heart!" Where does he get this stuff? And the way he said it too; it made all of us feel so bad for him. It took some time and some begging and pleading on Natalie's part too for his heart to not be broken anymore.

*I almost wish he'd use that line more often though because the newest one of, "I hate you!" is really driving me crazy. He doesn't understand it though, but Natalie and Kaitlyn think he knows exactly what he's saying. Even though he'll tell his book shelf that he hates it at random times or his sock or some other random thing he runs into. He says it with the same gusto he tells his sisters that he hates them too. So sometimes Natalie and Kaitlyn try to correct him and "punish" him. Like today Natalie wouldn't let him out of the kitchen until he said he loved her. Sigh, I had to explain yet again that we need to ignore this one from him and he doesn't know what he's saying. He gets a reaction though so that's why he says it.

*Speaking of random things he hates. He hated his name today. He said, "I hate my name!" So we talked about what a better name would be and what we should call him and he wants to be called Crash. It did not last for long. He quickly decided CJ was okay. See what I mean though about not getting the word "hate".

*At random times he'll inform any one of us that we are his best friend. It tends to go something like this, "Mommy, you're my best friend!" Which of course I'll reply with something like, "Aww, thanks CJ you're my best friend."

*Just as easily as he makes you his best friend though he will take it away. Much like how he tells me he's not talking to me he'll do that same action to tell one of us that we are in fact NOT his best friend anymore.

*CJ still isn't too big on hugs and kisses. So lately when I ask him for a kiss if he's wanting to give any out he'll do it on my arm. He does not like to kiss on the face usually.

*If he doesn't want to give a kiss or a hug he'll tell me it's broken now. I haven't figured out how to fix it either.

*He has definitely gotten better at saying I love you. That is still one of my favorite things from him. "I love you mommy!"

As you can see though he tends to run very hot and cold. You have to carefully ride his moods and maneuver them. He is super stubborn too. Too bad for him I'm more stubborn than he is. It's good to know though that when he gets in one of his moods they are usually short lived. Unless he's tired. That usually cues bed time for him though.