Wednesday, August 24, 2011

CJ's weekend

This past weekend while the big girls were off with their grandparents we did fun things with CJ. On Friday it was bowling, thanks to the free summer bowling program in town...

Choosing his ball

Will it knock down the pins?

Moving the ramp

Handsome boy


Big boy carrying his own ball

Okay, I did it!

Bowling freestyle

We bowled two games and CJ did really well. He always ends up losing interest about a few frames into the 2nd game, but this time without the girls there too he stayed interested longer. There wasn't much time for him to get into anything else between turns.

On Saturday we had such a nice day so we decided a picnic in the park and some fishing was in order...
CJ's 1st catch of the day!

CJ's 2nd catch of the day!

And CJ's last catch of the day!

Then we came home to wash up and relax for a few before going to Chuck E. Cheese. CJ got my camera and took this picture of his sister...

Not too bad of a picture for a 3 year old. I wish he would have moved his chair out of the way first, but he did good. And with that we were off to Chuck E. Cheese. He had a blast running around. I didn't get any pictures because it's hard keeping up with a 3 year old and pushing the baby around in the stroller. He was so cute when we left though. He said, "Thank you for taking me to Chucky! We come again morrow?" Sorry baby, but mommy and daddy can only take so much Chuck E. Cheese.

And that was CJ's weekend.