Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Getting excited about Back to School

Well, it's that time of year again. The class assignment letters are starting to get sent out for the elementary school students. The team assignments for the middle school students. Everyone is getting ready to start a new year. Everyone is starting to get excited.

Natalie's team assignment came in the mail last week. We already knew what team she was going to be on, but we were excited to get her supply list so we could start working on getting some stuff. Thankfully no one will be needing new back packs this year. In spite of Kaitlyn constantly telling me what she wants for a backpack she will not be getting a new one. We spent a lot of money on backpacks last year for the express purpose of not having to buy them for a few years, hopefully. And everyone's backpack is still in good shape. So she's stuck with it for another year.

Kaitlyn's teacher assignment came today. Her only hope was that she NOT get one teacher. And she did NOT get that teacher either! Yay! She's very happy with the teacher she got. I will be calling him in a few weeks to set up a conference so we can discuss what Kaitlyn will get this year for her special accommodations. Looking forward to a great year and found out that her awesome 3rd grade teacher is now teaching 5th so thinking it would be so neat if she got him again for 5th grade.

Natalie called her best friend today to find out what team she got on and they are on the same team. And now Natalie is really looking forward to 7th grade. I'm looking forward to it too. That was a huge issue for her last year was the friendships she had. She bonds really strongly to people so it was hard not having her best friend on her team. Now she will be unstoppable with her best friend by her side. So I'm really excited for her this year.

We still have a few weeks of vacation left. They don't go back until September 1st. So we will continue to enjoy our summer vacation and prepare for an awesome 4th grade year for Kaitlyn and 7th for Natalie. Oh and lets not forget, CJ in Pre-K4 this year. Although, if he doesn't shape up with this potty training they might kick him out. We're still working on it. I think it's just at home that he's not potty trained though so maybe he'll be fine at school. He doesn't start until after Labor Day though so we get an extra five days to work on things.