Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Monica's Musings #17

Time for some random things about the family.

*I finished buying all of the kids back to school supplies. That includes Natalie's binder. I made that a much harder task for myself than I had to, but I had a reason to as well. And Natalie is very happy with her binder. I just hope it will work out for her. She's going to have to make it work.

*Somehow Alyssa ended up with this scratch on her face...
It goes from her nose to the corner of her eye. I'm not sure if it was a casualty of her brother or if she did it to herself. I think it bothers me more than it does her.

*Hey, did you see in the picture above that hand on top of Alyssa's head? That's CJ's hand. And yes he has purple finger nails. He wanted his finger nails painted by Natalie today when he saw my toe nails this morning. Much to Joe's objection I let her do it. He has peeled most of it off now so I knew it wouldn't last long.

*Speaking of my toe nails, look how pretty...

It's actually really nice that Natalie is at the age where she wants to do these kinds of things to me instead of me always doing them to her. She had a lot of fun doing this and I think it looks pretty cute. I never paint my toe nails either, so what a treat!

*Kaitlyn loves holding Alyssa. She often carries her around. Well, today while I was cooking dinner she even got Alyssa to fall asleep on her. Awww, so cute...

*CJ might not be going to school this year. We still haven't been able to get him to potty train. Today he sat down on the floor and just peed and sat in it. And yet other times he can tell us he has to go all the time. I can't figure him out. Must be a control thing. We might be able to get away with him at school because he still does do really well when we are out. It's when we are home that he pays zero attention to the fact that he needs to use the potty.

*I almost don't want to say this. It has only been a few days after all. I think Alyssa is sleeping through the night though. Well, she has for the past 3 nights. So maybe possibly she is sleeping through the night. That sure would be nice.

*Cloth diapers are still being used in our house and I'm still really enjoying it too. There are so many cute diapers out there. I really could make this an expensive habit if money were no object.

Well, that's about all I have for now. Plenty of updates coming soon as we start another new school year.