Thursday, December 25, 2008

Another Bloggy Giveaway

I'm totally a sucker for these giveaways. I never win, but I'll keep trying and trying. Hey, it's an addiction I guess, but way cheaper than lottery tickets ;). So what's the blog giveaway you may ask? Well, Renee over at Life With My Special Ks is hosting a giveaway. She's giving away Hallmark ornaments. All I have to do is say what my favorite Christmas tradition is. Well, that's certainly an easy one for me. My favorite Christmas tradition is...

Baking cookies.

Well, not so much the baking part, but the giving of my homemade cookies. I love to hear peoples reactions. And I got some good ones this year. My new white chocolate raspberry cheesecake bars were a huge hit. My husband's response was, "These are awesome!" It doesn't get much better than that. He generally isn't that excited about many of my treats. I know shocking, but hey he has more of a salt tooth than a sweet tooth most of the time. They are all gone. I just might have to make more. I love finding out what everyone's favorites are.