Friday, August 21, 2009

Back to School is almost here

The much anticipated time of year for parents and much dreaded for children. Back to school! My children have six days of summer vacation yet. I have been looking forward to them going back all summer long. And now that it's upon me you'd think I would be more than prepared. I am not! I have done nothing in the way of back to school shopping. Limited funds probably has a lot to do with that. Not having a school supply list is why the school supplies have not been bought yet.

I love my children's school, but waiting until a week before school starts to find out their teacher and what they need for school is just torture. The letters just came in the mail yesterday. I had gotten a sneak peak at the teachers they would have though while meeting with the principal, vice principal, and PTA on Tuesday. Both girls are very happy with their teachers this year. Yes, mom is happy too. I think they both have a good match up this year.

So Natalie is entering the 5th grade this year. Her last year of elementary school. My gosh, wasn't it just yesterday that I was dropping her off for her first day of Kindergarten? Certainly feels that way sometimes. Here we are five years later and she's part of the oldest group of children in school. Her teacher's name this year is Mrs. Hurlbert. She has been teaching at the school for six years now. She got her masters in education at the University of Bridgeport. Why is this important? Well, I practically grew up in Bridgeport. One town over. Joe and my first apartment together was in Bridgeport. So I was pretty excited to read that. If you don't live in CT you probably don't realize how different things are from county to county around here. Growing up in Fairfield county was definitely different than where we live now in Hartford county. Seriously, you'd be surprised at how different it can be. Natalie's teacher has sent home a homework policy and a discipline policy. I really like this. We know just what we're getting before we get in there. I have been in Mrs. Hurlbert's classroom over the years for PTA things and she has such a great way with all of the children. She's strict but fun. A perfect combination for Natalie. And knowing just what's expected of her going in is a huge help. So I can't wait to see what this year brings for Natalie. Will she be another Super Student? Will she read the most minutes in the entire school again? Will she win the grand prize this year in the poetry contest? Will she maintain her straight A's this year? All definite possibilities for her. Whatever happens, I just hope she has fun, learns a lot, and does well.

Kaitlyn is going into the 2nd grade this year. Ummm, yeah didn't I just have her? Second grade! This is crazy. Her teacher is Mrs. Nazare. She was new to the school last year. I am not too familiar with her since she's so new. The teacher I wanted Kaitlyn to have retired last year. I'm over that though I swear. This could be a good fit for Kaitlyn. I'm already impressed with her. She asked for us to write her a note explaining our child to her. Her interests, skills, fears, concerns, expectations, friends, siblings, pets, life outside of school, personality traits, and anything that will help her to get to know her better. Well, this is perfect. Because it has been my intention to go into the school and track down her teacher to discuss Kaitlyn anyways. Oh there's so much to discuss about Kaitlyn. Knowing that she truly wants to hear from me as her mom and what I'd like to see for her this year just makes this all that much easier. After I'm done she might wish she didn't ask though because we are embarking on a possible ADHD journey with Kaitlyn. But I think it's very important for her teacher to know and be aware of. I am very hopeful that this is the year that reading really clicks with Kaitlyn. That when I tell her it's time to read I don't get but mom there's nothing I can read. I want her to love reading as much as her sister does. I want her to sit down and do it just because she has to know what happens to that character in the story. This is my hope for Kaitlyn this year.

So I think we're all excited to start the new school year. We have our school supply list now. There's not too much we will have to get for them. Most things we already have. So back to school shopping here we come! School starts August 27th!