Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rockwell Park Splash Pad

So there's this park literally in walking distance from my house. It has a small pool there (only five feet deep) and it had a small playground. Last summer they started taking out the playground to put a skate park in. I was not pleased. I mean here was this nice little park for the little kids and they were ruining it. The skate park opened this spring and they had begun to erect a playground, but it was slow going. I was disappointed to say the least. We went during the playground construction a couple of times, but there were so many older kids on their bikes and skate boards and of course with it all not being complete it just wasn't safe. Then I heard from some friends that they had installed a splash pad there and the playground was complete. I was still hesitant about going, but after hearing my friends rave about it I figured well for some free fun it can't be all that bad. If it's bad we'll just leave. We won't be out anything. So yesterday was a nice sunny hot day and Joe was working all day so I decided to bring them after swimming lessons and lunch. The kids had a blast. They really did do a nice job. The splash pad is far enough away from the skate park that we don't have to hear the older kids mouths. And thankfully they don't seem too interested in running around the splash pad either. There were mostly little kids there. A few were Natalie's age. There was a little trouble with some boys. There are water cannons and some of the boys thought it was hysterical to aim the water cannon at CJ and try to spray him right in the face. Natalie tried to block him. My friend and her husband ended up meeting us there and her husband went over and yelled at the boys. And for his trouble he got sprayed. But shortly after the boys left and it didn't seem to bother CJ too much as he stayed right in there getting nice and wet. The kids had so much fun that they actually thanked me for bringing them there when we left. They want to do it again. I'm sure we'll give it a try a few times before the summer is over. I mean why not. Look at all the fun they were having...

Walking CJ through the water

Kaitlyn getting sprayed and Natalie coaxing CJ through the splash pad

Look over there CJ

Here comes Kaitlyn

Natalie exploring

Kaitlyn resting

Here they come!

There they go

What next?

Well I'm going over here!

I'm outta here!

Here I come Mommy!

This is so fun!

Kaitlyn under the mushroom

CJ surrounded by jets of water

Thursday I think we're trying the other park with the splash pad with some other friends. I love free memories!