Saturday, August 15, 2009

Week In Review: August 9 - August 15, 2009

Here is this weeks Week In Review for August 9 - August 15, 2009

Sunday: Slept in a little. Got up and fed the kids breakfast. Hung around the house for a few hours before Joe got home from work. He was out nice and early. When he got home I went and took a shower. He fed the kids lunch and put the fishing stuff in the car. I got dressed and ready to go and we all went and met some friends to go fishing. We had a nice time. So much so in fact that after a few hours of fishing we decided we didn't want the fun to end so we went to the park. After playing in the park we had to say our goodbyes and go have dinner. After dinner we put CJ to bed and the girls stayed up and watched some TV with us. Shortly after they went to bed too though. I did some laundry and then fell asleep on the couch. When I woke up I went down to put the laundry in the dryer and then went to bed.

Monday: I woke up early again. Had a terrible headache. So got up and took some aspirin. Then played around on the computer for a while. Before I knew it Joe was up and the kids too. We had to bring Joe to work. So we dropped him off and then came back home. Had breakfast and got the kids ready for swimming. Went to swimming and came back home. The girls were starting soccer camp today so they just changed and we had lunch. I put CJ down for a nap. I laid down too. Got up and edited some pictures and deleted them from my camera. CJ got up and it was time to bring the girls to soccer camp. So we left. Got them all signed in and found a spot on the grass to sit down and watch. One of the hottest days of the summer and the kids were out there running. A few got some heat exhaustion. I think Natalie ad a touch of it too because she was complaining her stomach hurt. She drank some fluids and I put something cold on her neck and she seemed fine. CJ ran around. Joe got a ride home from work and met us there. The girls seemed to have a good time. We went to Subway for dinner and came home to eat it. After dinner CJ and Joe were playing around on the couch. I sent the girls to take a shower (with a special treat of a bubble bath first). They got out and CJ went to bed. They stayed up a little later. I sent them to bed and went and did the swimming/soccer laundry. Once that was done I went to bed.

Tuesday: Had to be up early to bring Joe to work. Got him to work and then came home. Washed dishes and made some pancakes for Kaitlyn because Natalie finished off her cereal and left her with nothing she likes. Got ready for swimming lessons. We went to swimming and changed while there. Then went to Joe's work to drop off his cell phone and then off to the library to return books. The girls got their raffle tickets, more books, and searched for the picture on the wheel to earn an extra raffle ticket. Then we went home for lunch. Fed the kids. CJ fell asleep in his high chair. I left him there so I could get some things done. Including putting Kaitlyn's hair in braids. Then before I knew it it was time to pick Joe up from work. Got him and came home for a few before having to go to soccer. Sat on the soccer field for two hours and came home for dinner. Joe had stayed home to cook. Ate dinner. Gave CJ a bath and then sent the girls to the shower. Put CJ to bed. The girls stayed up late. We sent them to bed and I did the swimming/soccer laundry and then went to take a shower. After I showered I went to bed.

Wednesday: Got up to a quiet house. Once Joe woke up I talked to him about our plans for the day since he was off. Once we figured it out I threw some chicken in the crockpot and got us ready to go out for the day. The girls got their swimming stuff on and I put together a change of clothes for them and packed a suit for CJ. We left the house for swimming lessons. My friend was at the pool to meet us to give me her two children that we offered to watch for the afternoon. The girls went swimming and we took the kids up onto the deck. We watched them swim and then left to go to the store to get some lunch for me and Joe. Then we headed to the park with five children. We got to the park and ate lunch. Then we sent the kids off to play. My friend came to pick up her two kids around 2. We said goodbye and stayed at the park. The kids bounced between the playground and the splashpad. Then after 3:30 we started to head over to the car so the girls could change. We ended up seeing other friends there too so we stopped and chatted with them a while. Then we brought the girls over to the soccer field in the park to let them play soccer. There were some rumbles of thunder so they told us they might call it. I told them we were going to go back down to the playground and could call me which was fine. So we headed back down to the playground and were chatting with our friends there when we got the call that they were calling it. So we headed back over to the field to get the girls and went back to the playground so they could play a little longer. Then we ended up leaving at the same time as our friends. We went home to finish cooking our dinner. I washed dishes and cooked the sides and we ate. While we were eating we were discussing what we were doing for dinner the next night. We were going to have our friends two boys. So we called our friend to see what they might like and ended up deciding on pasta and meatballs. I needed more sauce though and pasta for the extra people we'd be feeding. So after dinner we headed back to the store to get a few things. Then we came home and put the stuff away. Joe put the garbage out and I washed the dinner dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. Joe put CJ to bed and I got the laundry together. Then I put the girls in the shower. When they were done we watched some TV and they went to bed. I washed the laundry and Joe and I crashed completely exhausted from the whole day spent in the sun.

Thursday: Got up early to bring Joe to work. Came home and spoke to my landlord. Then went up for breakfast and to get ready for swimming. I made some meatballs and sauce to put in the crockpot for dinner. It was our last day of swimming for me and CJ. We went to swimming. We had a private lesson. After swimming we came home. Had to clean the apartment. Fed the kids lunch and bathed CJ and put him down for a nap. I did laundry and cleaned up the apartment. Then I took a shower and got CJ up from his nap so we could go pick Joe up from work. Came home and got the girls ready for soccer and then headed to the soccer field. We watched the girls play soccer and our friends came and dropped their two boys off to us for us to watch for the night. We left the soccer field with five kids in tow and stopped at Dunkin Donuts to pick up some donuts for breakfast in the morning. Then went home to make the pasta and eat dinner. Everyone enjoyed their food. The kids played for a little while. I put CJ to bed and the girls took a shower while the two boys played the Wii with Joe. I did more laundry and then hung out playing with the kids. We finally got the kids all settled. Our guests had to sleep in the living room so we went to bed early. I guess I didn't realize how tired I actually was because shortly after going to bed I fell asleep.

Friday: Got up early again to bring Joe to work. Then came home. Had breakfast and the kids got ready for their last day of swimming. I brought everyone to the pool and my friend came and picked up her boys while the girls were swimming. The girls got their lollypops and papers and we left. Came home for lunch. Someone came over and purchased a TV we had for sale. Then I put CJ down for a nap. Got the girls ready for soccer. Then got CJ up from his nap to go pick Joe up from work. We went and got him and then went to the bank and brought the girls to soccer. We left them there to go take care of some things and then got to get back in time to see them start their games. After soccer we went to visit a friend at work and then went home for dinner. We ate and put CJ to bed. Watched some TV and I fell asleep on the couch. Got up and went to bed.

Saturday: I woke up with a terrible headache. It wouldn't go away and wasn't being helped by a fussy CJ. Very hot and muggy I guess was getting to him. I layed low. The kids had breakfast and eventually lunch and I put CJ to bed and then I worked on editing some pictures. Joe came home from work. I washed dishes and cooked dinner. The girls played outside for a little while. We put CJ to bed. Then watched some TV with the girls. Sent them to bed and I continued to work on picture editing.

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