Saturday, August 1, 2009

Black Rock State Park and Letterboxing

Last Friday we went with some friends to Black Rock State park for some swimming, fishing, and letterboxing. We had a great time. After we swam in the lake we split up into groups. The "men" and Natalie went fishing, while the "women" went letterboxing. I had never done letterboxing before so Kaitlyn and I were just along for the ride. And what a bumpy ride it was...

The fishing group

The letterboxing group

Marybeth and Kaitlyn following the path

Marybeth and Mikayla reading the clues

Searching for the first box. We couldn't find it

Onto the second box

Walking through the deep dark woods in search of these boxes

Stopping to rest and read the map

The view from the top of the mountain. We went through a lot to get up there

Kaitlyn and Mikayla resting at the top

Kaitlyn getting ready to head down the mountain

It was a very difficult hike and a very exhausting day, but we had lots of fun. The girls are very interested in doing letterboxing now too. I just hope that we can find ones that aren't so physically demanding. We had a very nice day with friends though.