Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hey Everyone Get out of Here There's a Lobster Loose

I baked lobster shaped sugar cookies with the girls today. I think they came out cute. The girls had fun sprinkling the sugar on top of them.

I didn't have enough dough to make another lobster cookie so I made a few hearts and the last bit of dough I just made into a circle and put it on the pan. The girls asked what it was and I told them it was lobster poop. Well, perhaps I shouldn't have called it that because while they were baking Kaitlyn kept saying, "Who's going to eat the lobster poop? I want to eat the poop! Natalie do you want the poop?" And when it was done she was running around saying, "The poop is done, the poop is done!"

I do not know who will end up eating the "poop", but I sure hope it tastes good...