Saturday, September 19, 2009

Week In Review: September 13 - September 19, 2009

Here is this weeks Week In Review for September 13 - September 19, 2009

Sunday: Got up to a quiet house. CJ slept in. When he got up I fed him breakfast. Joe left for work and CJ threw a fit. I put him on my shoulder and he fell asleep. So I put him down for a nap. Then I cleaned up. Washed dishes. Picked up the living room. Had some lunch. Took a shower. Before I knew it Joe came home from work. We waited for my parents to bring the girls home. When the girls got home my parents hung around. I ended up cooking dinner while they were still here. They finally left when dinner was finished cooking. Natalie was very upset she kept crying. The kids barely ate. After dinner Joe got sick and went to bed. The girls went and took a shower. CJ wouldn't stop throwing a fit so I put him to bed. The girls went to bed a little while later. Joe got up after they had gone to bed feeling a little better. We started to watch TV together, but I fell asleep. So we went to bed.

Monday: Got up and got the girls ready for school. Natalie was having a difficult time getting things done. She cut up her reading log for some unknown reason. I was furious. I told her she wasn't bringing that to school and we had to go. She was not happy. She did end up bringing what she had for the reading log and I guess it was okay. But I really don't know what she was thinking. I brought the girls to school and came home to confiscate all of the scissors. We hung around the house for the morning. CJ was driving us nuts when we were trying to order popcorn for the PTA so Joe put him down for a nap. I got the popcorn order placed and had lunch. CJ got up from his short nap and had lunch and then we went out to run a few errands. Before we knew it it was time to pick the girls up from school. So we got them from school. Came home and they did homework. I worked on my PTA agenda. Got everything ready for my meeting. Joe made dinner for the kids. I washed up and went to my PTA meeting. It was a good meeting with a nice turn out. I came home in time to put the kids to bed. I ate some dinner and then called my father. While I was at my meeting he had called to find out how Natalie was because she was so upset when he left. So I talked to him for a while and then Joe and I watched some TV. I took a shower and we went to bed.

Tuesday: Got up and got the girls ready for school. Brought them to school and came back home and cleaned off my desk. It was way overdo for a cleaning. CJ spent most of the morning eating whatever he could get his hands on so we ended up putting him down for a nap without lunch. When he got up he had something to eat. I went to pick up the girls from school. Came home to work on homework and Joe went to work. The kids were wild. After homework Natalie ended up locking Kaitlyn in the closet. So she got punished for that. Then CJ was getting into everything. I tried to cook dinner, but with CJ right under foot it was not working too well. I did manage to get dinner on the table. After dinner I cleaned up and sent the kids to bed. Then I just vegged and waited for Joe to come home. When he did we watched some TV together and went to bed.

Wednesday: A typical morning got up and got everyone ready. Joe went to work. Got the kids dressed. CJ ready for his first day back to playgroup. Walked the girls to school and went downstairs for playgroup. There was the biggest crown there I've ever seen in all my years of going to playgroup. They are going to have to do something about the size. Luckily for me if they do decide to ask those who are out of district to leave we won't be one of those people since we're not out of district. I personally think some people just won't come back though. After playgroup I hung around and chatted with some people and went up to the office to check the PTA mailbox and give the secretary some upcoming event dates. Scheduled a PAT (Parents As Teachers) for CJ with the FRC and went on my way. Came home, fed CJ lunch, and put him down for a nap. Then i cleaned up the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Someone was coming over to learn how to do Box Tops from me because she's taking over. She arrived shortly after 12 and we chatted and had a nice time. She left and Joe came home and CJ got up from his nap so we went to pick the girls up from school. Chatted with our friends there for a little while and came home. Got the kids going on homework. Then Joe decided to try to make these sugar cookies. But he got the dough too wet or something. It just wasn't able to be worked with. So he was frustrated and I was frustrated. He ended up putting it in the fridge overnight to hopefully make it less soft. Then he was chatting with a friend of ours online and we ended up making plans to all go out to dinner. It was very impromptu. So there were ten of us at the restaurant. We had a nice time and didn't realize how late it was when we got to the car. So we came right home and sent everyone to bed. Then Joe and I watched some TV together. I went and showered and we went to bed. I couldn't sleep so I went on the computer and eventually laid down on the couch and fell asleep.

Thursday: Woke up way too early and couldn't go back to sleep. Figure I will crash early. Had some drama in the morning. Natalie had her shirts lined up on the floor picking what to wear and Kaitlyn who had already gotten dressed and was trying to brush her hair stepped on Natalie's shirts on the floor. So Natalie hit her. So a nice way to start out the morning. Got them dressed, fed, washed, snack made, and out the door. Joe dropped them off at school and came back home. I cleaned up the house a little. My friend was going to drop off her son for us to watch for a few before bringing him to school in the afternoon. By the time they ended up showing up with him they only gave us 5 minutes with him. We brought him to school and then went out to run a few errands. We came back home and put CJ down for a nap. I had something to eat. Then we went to pick the girls up from school. We had to exchange a game we had gotten for our friend's birthday because it didn't work so we got the game from them and went and exchanged it. We called up our friends and asked if we could bring it to them now. They said yes. So we headed over and ended up spending the rest of the evening there. We ended up eating over there. We got home late and sent the kids right to bed. Then Joe and I had separate movies we were going to watch. He went in the bedroom to watch his and I watched mine in the living room. I couldn't finish it though because I was too tired. So I turned it off and fell asleep on he couch. When Joe finished his movie I went to bed.

Friday: Got up early again. I don't know why I can't sleep anymore. Checked some things and then got the kids ready for school. I brought them to school and picked up my friend's son to watch him for the morning again. Brought him back to the house and he played nicely with CJ. I ran out to the Chamber of Commerce to drop something off and came back home. Then before I knew it it was time to bring my friend's son back to the school with me so we could count out fundraiser things. We did that and I showed my PTA secretary some things with our new website and then left to come home. I got a phone call that our popcorn delivery arrived. I had to walk to pick up the girls and check on the popcorn delivery. All the popcorn made it and mostly in tact. The boxes were a little damaged and the closet is a mess now. I'll deal with that later though. I walked home. Natalie had homework. So she did her homework. Joe called me from work all upset about his schedule so that got me ticked off. CJ was getting into everything trying to get his sister's attention. I tried to lay down and relax for a little while, but that wasn't happening. Got up and made a quick dinner. The kids ate and CJ went to bed. I let the girls stay up until Joe got home. He got home and the girls went to bed. Joe and I watched a show together. Then he watched his wrestling while I played on the computer before going to bed.

Saturday: Woke up feeling blah and crampy. Went and took a shower. Didn't help too much. Got dressed and cleaned up around the house a little. Kaitlyn decided she didn't want to help clean up her mess so she got herself punished with a time limit to clean her room to my expectations or she will loose all of her stuff. Had lunch and put CJ down for a nap. I made some lobster cookies with the girls. Joe went to work leaving me crabby with all three kids. I cooked dinner and we ate. Then we watched some TV and I put CJ to bed. The girls stayed up until Joe came home from work and they went to bed and Joe and I stayed up and watched some TV together and discussed this beautiful baby Ryan and whether or not we could adopt him.

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