Thursday, September 2, 2010

1st Day of School 2010

Well, this was it. The much anticipated and nerve wracking day for two of my children. Going off to new schools. A middle schooler and a 3rd grader now. Both riding a bus for the first time in a very long time. Both anxious. Both nervous. Both ready well before they had to leave...

Natalie and Kaitlyn

Natalie at the door

Natalie got her backpack

Walking out the door

Going down the stairs

Heading to the bus stop

Almost there

So Natalie waited 40 minutes for her bus to come. It finally arrived at 8:00 when school starts. Great, so first day at a new school with new things to learn and she's already very late. I know they were giving them extra time, but she was going to be very rushed. Poor kid. I'm anxious to hear how everything goes. No phone calls yet so I guess she's okay.

Kaitlyn all ready for school

She has her backpack

Ready to go out the door

Her bus arrived on time

Getting on the bus

So when I walked out the door I noticed that up the street from us there was another bus stop. I thought that's strange, but we walked down the street to the same stop Natalie was at. We waited for maybe a minute before the bus showed up. She got on the bus and was on her way. I walked back home with CJ and the children were still standing at the other bus stop. Hmmm, I wonder if Kaitlyn should be on that bus. It got picked up maybe five minutes later. Well, at least I know if she's ever running late she has other options. I went in the house and checked out the bus routes and discovered that other stop was a completely different bus. I wonder which one they will put her on coming home. We are literally in the middle of these two bus stops.

So even though we were ready on time I felt rushed this morning. Hopefully as the weeks go on we get a better idea of when these buses will arrive. Hopefully Natalie's bus won't be so late the rest of the year. Because I really only had five or ten minutes after she got on the bus to get Kaitlyn all ready for her bus. So I was a little frazzled with these buses. But everyone's in school and no phone calls so far so all must be good. Can't wait to hear how their day goes.