Tuesday, September 7, 2010

CJ's a Preschooler

Today was CJ's very first day of school. Hard to believe he's ready for school. Well, and maybe he's not entirely ready, but this is such a great program the town has. I believe this is the 3rd year they've had a program for 3 year olds. It's only a couple of hours a day, but it's every day. So it gives them a nice taste of school. I must admit he did not start his day off on the best foot. He was woken up by his sisters before 7 this morning so he was crabby. He woke up quickly though. After getting the girls off on their buses we got CJ ready for school. And since pictures are worth a thousand words I'll let the pictures do the talking here a little...

Making a silly face

Doesn't want that backpack on

Going out the door

Walking to the car

Getting in the car

Lined up to go in

Found his cubby

That was where I left him. He began to pout and cry as I was leaving, but I knew I had to keep going. I ran home to make sure I didn't get any phone calls to come get him and I didn't. Then before I knew it it was time to go get him. We pulled into the parking lot and the little ones were all outside. I instantly spotted CJ playing basketball with a few other boys. He was having so much fun. I stayed out of sight though so he wouldn't run to the fence. When they got their backpacks on and went to sit on the side to be dismissed we went in there. Here he is sitting with his friends...

His teacher said he cried for a while after we left, but didn't specify what a while was. But he did stop obviously and had a good day after that. He was telling us all about the playing ball. Clearly his favorite part of the day. He said he had crackers and water for snack. And he seems to have picked up a new word. He now responds to all questions with the cutest little "Yup!" In the past it has always been a yeah so I think he must have heard Yup a lot today. I asked him if he wants to come back tomorrow to play and he said, "Yup!" So we will see how tomorrow goes. Hopefully he won't cry as much tomorrow.

All ready to go home