Thursday, September 23, 2010

Monica's Musings #9

Just a bunch of random stuff from me...

For the most part school is going well. After 9 days of school CJ finally has stopped crying before he goes in. As a matter of fact today we pulled into the parking lot and he started to clap and say, "Yay school!" Always good to hear. Not sure how much more I could take of that and was thinking that maybe he was just too young.

Kaitlyn's teacher this year LOVES her! Feelings seem pretty mutual. I have come to the conclusion that the reason she gives me trouble with her Math homework (her best subject) is because she just wants that one on one attention with Mr. T. It used to be her writing/reading homework we had trouble with and she'd breeze through the math worksheets. And in all honesty I know she understands this stuff in math. Well, now she doesn't fight with me so much on the writing/reading homework, but without fail we fight about math. I gave up the other day and said you know what fine if you don't know how to do this or understand it then you just leave those problems the way you have them and tell your teacher you don't get it. Then I spoke to her teachers and he told me that he sat with her for a few and she was fine with it. He told me how he was teaching it to her (I said pretty much the same thing) and she got it right off the bat. Then yesterday she purposely didn't answer something on her homework because she wanted to get help from Mr. T. Guess what? She figured out the answer with very little help from me. Go figure. So basically my theory is that she is trying to frustrate me so much that I say oh just get help from your teacher and then she gets to spend one on one time with him and show her what she's got. She knows she can do it so that's why she's fighting me so hard on it because she wants to impress Mr. T with her knowledge.

Natalie hates middle school. Okay, I hated middle school too. But Natalie does not understand that it has to be different from elementary school. I knew this would be a tough adjustment for her. She hates change. I have no doubt she can pull this off and do well, but she needs to push herself to do it. And my controlling ways are fighting the urge everyday to just jump in there and intervene with her teachers. Seriously, I think I will feel much better once they call me with my username and password so I can get onto the parents site and view her grades and assignments handed in. Nothing comes home anymore.

I'm thinking about another picnic lunch today with CJ. It's a nice day out again and we had such a nice time last week. I don't feel like I spend enough time with him now that he's in school. He goes to school, comes home, eats lunch, and takes a nap until around the time Natalie gets home from school. So we don't get much time just me and him. So maybe we should just make this a weekly thing. Well, at least until the freezing cold weather gets here.

I guess that's about all I have on my mind now.


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