Friday, September 3, 2010

Pre-K Orientation

Today we went to CJ's Pre-K Orientation. The classroom is very nice. CJ found tons of trucks and planes to play with which are right up his alley. And he loved the little reading corner too. Got quite comfy in there and kept yelling: "Hi mom!" while I was trying to listen to the teacher. Love that boy! He's so cute. He seems excited about starting on Tuesday. We will see how it goes when he realizes mom and dad don't get to stay. I am worried about how he's going to handle it since at the screening all he did was cry. But he's had 3 months since then to grow up a little so maybe he'll be okay.

I have to send him to school in pull ups. I hate pull ups. I don't think they are a very good potty training tool, but he can't wear a diaper and he's no where's near ready for underwear for even a few hours at school. They will help with the potty training process. I was looking forward to the peer influence in helping him because really he's just not all that interested right now. He observes what other kids do so much though and there is that curiosity so maybe we'll get there sooner than I think, but for now I have to break down and get pull ups.

But we are looking forward to his first day of school on Tuesday.