Thursday, September 16, 2010

Picnic Date with My Little Man

Today I had planned a picnic lunch date with CJ. After picking him up from school I thought it would be fun mommy son time to go have a picnic. We had been talking about it for a few days so I think he was just as excited about this as I was. So at 11:30 I picked him up from school with our homemade sandwiches and some drinks in a bag. As soon as he saw me he said, "Picnic!" I told him that yes we were going on a picnic. The whole way to the park he was talking about our picnic. We got there and I thought he would want to eat by the playground and then play after, but I asked him if he wanted to sit by the playground or the water. He chose the water. So over to the pond we went. We set up the blanket and sat down and got our sandwiches out and CJ just watched the ducks. This is what I mostly saw of him throughout our picnic...

Getting some more of his sandwich

Back to watching the ducks

Finally he was sitting next to me

He ate the meat and cheese out of his sandwich, but not the bread. So we broke up the bread to feed to the ducks. I didn't get any pictures of feeding the ducks because there was this one sort of aggressive goose that was coming right up to us which was bothering CJ a little. This goose would not leave us alone either when we had no more bread left. We cleaned up everything from our picnic and decided to get out of there since this goose would not leave us alone. We went down to the playground where CJ was off. All those worries about his gross motor are quickly slipping away as I watched him run and climb all over the playground. He did insist that I take his picture at one point though, so here's my little jailbird...

It was a beautiful day for a picnic and it was nice spending time with just CJ. He's been making so many improvements recently. Growing up very quickly. I really love our time together. After running around on the playground we went to see daddy and then came home for a much needed nap. He should nap good this afternoon.