Friday, October 1, 2010


CJ has been in preschool for less than a month now. In that month I have seen so many changes in him. I'd say mostly for the good. Some things I've noticed...

1. He actually will walk up and down the stairs. In the past he would stand on the top or bottom of the stairs insisting that someone pick him up. Now he'll actually go up and down them. It takes him forever, but he's trying.

2. He no longer cries when going to school. He actually talks about going to school and can't wait to be there.

3. He attempts to read along when you're reading a book to him. He points out what's happening in the pictures and will make up his own stories.

4. He has actually peed on the potty. It has only happened twice. Once at home and once at school, but it's a start.

5. He tells stories about his day and asks questions.

6. He tries to mimic his teacher by holding up his book to read it to you like you're his class of students.

7, He insists on doing things for himself. Putting shoes on, pulling pants up, taking coat off. He says, "Me do it!"

8. He washes his hands all the time. Usually he does it without being told to, but even if you tell him to he's running into the bathroom to do it.

9. He has really gotten into a routine and tells me what we are going to do next.

All of these things have already happened within the first month of school. I can only imagine what my little sponge will be like by the time June gets here. Might just be a completely different kid by then...


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