Wednesday, December 8, 2010

11 year old Well Check

Natalie finally had her 11 year old well check yesterday. Over 7 months after she turned 11, but what can you do? She's healthy. We do need to watch her weight and make sure she's making the right food choices. She has to get some blood work done. She got two shots yesterday and she's being a big baby about it, lol. Just kidding. There's something about shots I think they actually do hurt more the older you get. Or maybe one of them was put in the muscle. She did awful on her eye exam so we definitely need to have her eyes checked and get new glasses for her. I am holding off on making that appointment though because things are just crazy around here this time of year. The doctor talked to Natalie again about what to expect as her body changes. She has it down pretty good I think. She did not give any real indication of when she thinks she'll begin her first period, but she seems to think she's beginning late. I was 13 when I got mine, so I'll happily wait 2 years for that to start :). There really wasn't too much to say about her. Just stay active and eat right. No more french fries with her school lunch, lol. That's two physicals down though and one to go next week. I'm anticipating I will hear you need to fatten this one up, hahahaha. Actually, I think CJ is doing really well so I'm thinking we'll have a good all around visit for him. Assuming we don't end up at the doctor's office sooner for him because he's got a terrible cough and thick yucky snot coming out of his nose. No fever and his temperament is still good though so I'm figuring just a virus.