Friday, December 31, 2010

Picture Catchup 5

So it appears that I have not been very good about sharing pictures lately. I have a month full of events we have attended and I don't believe I've shared one picture from any of them this month. So as sort of an out with the old and in with the new kind of thing, it being New Years Eve day and all, I thought I would do a few Picture Catchup posts today. So be sure not to miss one. I will have a link to all of these posts at the bottom of them though in case you do miss one.

Christmas Morning! We had a nice Christmas. Got up and CJ was feeling much better. The kids were so excited to open their gifts. When all was said and done everyone was playing with their new stuff and then we went to see Tangled at the movies. A cute movie. Unfortunately when we came home Kaitlyn began not feeling well. So she spent the night on the couch not getting to enjoy her new stuff too much and mostly sleeping. Still, it was very nice to spend the day just the five of us.

Santa came!

Natalie's gifts

Kaitlyn's gifts

CJ's gifts

Christmas aftermath

See how much they enjoyed their gifts? They get more from grandma and grandpa tomorrow too. Hopefully I'll be better about getting those pictures up.

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