Monday, December 13, 2010

CJ's physical

For the past month it has felt like I have been at the pediatricians office every week. Maybe that's because I pretty much have been. 3 physicals in a month plus an asthma action plan for Kaitlyn and I have spent a lot of time at the doctor's office. Probably preparing me for 2 months from now when I'm there for frequent well baby checks.

So anyways, today was CJ's turn at the doctor. The doctor gets such a kick out of him. He weighs 29 pounds and is 35 1/2 inches tall. He's still in the 10th %tile for weight, but that's staying pretty consistent. So since he's moving along the same growth curve the doctor is pleased. Huge relief there to see him finally doing so well with the weight gain.

The doctor asked him how old he was and he told her 40 which the doctor found hysterical. I told her since his birthday that is what he has been telling EVERYONE. She asked him what his name was and he told her Awesome. Yup, guess we're going to have to have his name legally changed. He knows his name, but he kind of has this attitude like well if you don't know it then I'm just not going to tell you. The doctor just kept getting such a kick out of him though. She seems pleased for the most part with his development. We do still need to work on his gross motor skills I'm sure, but that's really been improving. She doesn't seem too concerned. He got a shot which he took like a champ. Apparently there is some law in CT about all preschool and daycare children being required to get a flu vaccine. I always opt out and so far I have this year because I have heard nothing from his school that he must be vaccinated. I have to look into it, but it appears the law only applies to private preschools and daycares which CJ is not a part of. I guess I'll be double checking with his teacher though just to be sure.

I'm glad to have the physicals over. Hopefully we're good to go until next year. It would be nice to not have to see the doctor for these three anyways for the next year. The chances of that happening I know are slim, but it sure would be nice.


The Elwood Family said...

Contrary to popular belief, you can still legally opt out of the Flu shot like before, there is no "new" law on the books excluding parental rejection.